I.D. Energy’s proven systems, procedures and IT infrastructure can accommodate any program, their staff and field resources with secure login, data protection, and all data managed and reportable at any point. We accomplish this through the use of a proprietary online management tool called Paperless Inspectors and corresponding mobile applications. Paperless Inspectors has produced tens-of-thousands of reports and quality assurance audits, millions of photographs, and even more satisfied clients and users!

As technology continues to evolve, so do our systems. I.D. Energy is committed to keeping our Virtual program’s user interaction streamlined, enhanced full proof security, and accessibility universal. We are proud to announce that I.D. Energy is in development of a new online management system and corresponding apps to launch into the Home and Building Performance industries. This new system will take our programs above and beyond the competition to provide the simplest and easiest data collection and program management for the Home Energy Score and other Home and Building Performance programs. 

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