Virtual Quality Assurance

Award Winning Virtual Quality Assurance Programs

Virtual or Remote Quality Assurance eliminates the burden and cost of required physical field QA and ensures a higher quality product. I.D. Energy was awarded the “Innovation Award” by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score program for our approved virtual quality assurance program and is currently used nationally and regionally by many program partners and providers.

"The future will not only be about energy and efficiency, but how we provide professionals the tools to produce better services for their clients!"

– Brent Loya, I.D. Energy Program Manager

Rather than performing a second independent field assessment for Quality Assurance, the Virtual QA Auditor receives photos of the home’s key features. Using these photos and other supporting information readily available, the Auditor can enter an independent QA assessment and verify the data entered by the user compared to the photo evidence.

Photos and locations are geo-located and time stamped digitally for protection of fraudulent submissions. Any points of contention are discussed through personal and automated notifications and emails between the user and QA Auditor. At the end, this becomes an excellent learning experience for the user, and in all ways, helps to shape the user’s skills and technical expertise.

Our Virtual Quality Assurance technique has had such a great reception that it is being utilized outside of the Home Energy Score program with other building and home performance programs. Please contact I.D. Energy today to see how we can assist with your program or services to provide solutions and produce results.

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